Here you can find the answers to most frequently asked questions


1) How long should I wait for the item bought on

We keep all items at our warehouse, so every item is available. After the order is placed, our manager will contact you to confirm and discuss the delivery details. If you want to buy the item in one of our stores, you can visit our shop to do this (please call us in advance to check if the item is available in that particular shop). 

2) Do you deliver across all country?

You can receive your order to any Latvian city.


3) How can I order wheels and tires?

We keep all tires at our warehouse (available as a set of 4 items). All prices are mentioned for 1 item. When you click the button “BUY” you order the set of 4 wheels or tires. If you want to see the wheels or tires in real life, you are welcome to visit our shop at Apuzes street 8.


4) Can I buy 1 or 2 wheels or tires?


Alloy wheels can be bought only as a set of 4 items. Some tires’ models can be bought in quantity of 2 pieces. If you need more information, please contact us at +37129216029.


5) How can I find alloy wheels for my car model?


Our online catalog is configured based on different parameters. If you don’t know the parameters of your car model, you can contact us via email or call at +3719216029, and we will try to find the suitable option for your car. 

Questions regarding the alloy wheels and tires, please call +37126955532 (Apūzes iela 8)

Questions regarding the car mats, hood guards, seat covers and under engine covers, please call +37126955532 ; 67473107 (Vecā Buļļu iela 45) 

Questions regarding the roof boxes and other car accessories, please call +37126955532