Guarantee and exchange conditions

  1. General conditions
  • All products have a manufacturer's warranty for a specific period defined by the manufacturer.
  • Factory warranty applies in case if you can provide the following: proof of purchase - warranty card (if you have one from the manufacturer), check or invoice.
  • If you have a warranty case, the goods are first taken for examination, after which a decision is made whether the product defect falls under the warranty case.

     The manufacturer's warranty does not apply to:

  • 1.1 cases when you tried repair the problem yourself;
  • 1.2 if there is mechanical damage;
  • 1.3 damage that occurred during natural disasters (flood, hurricane, lightning, fire, earthquake);
  • 1.4 cases when goods were damaged by foreign substances, liquids, sand, insects, etc.;
  • 1.5 if goods were used for the industrial or professional purposes;
  • 1.6 cases when goods have not been used according to the instructions.

      In warranty cases, you have the following options:

  • Refer to our store at Buļļu ielā 45, Rīgā, Latvia, taking a product and proof of purchase - warranty card (if you have one), together with a check or invoice;
  • Call us at +37167473107. We will try to find the best solution to your problem;
  • Email us at;
  • Exchange of goods (if a warranty case) occurs within 3 - 30 working days.

      2. Return and exchange conditions:

  • When returning goods, it must be in the original package.
  • The customer must always present a proof of purchase (receipt or invoice) and warranty card (if provided by the manufacturer).
  • The item can not be broken, scratched, stained.
  • Return or exchange of goods can take place within 14 days from the date of purchase / receipt of goods (according to LR Ministra Kabineta Noteikumi Nr.207 "Noteikumi par distances līgumu" un 2014.g. 20. maijā Nr 252.)
  • Returning goods that were purchased more than 14 days from the date of purchase, SIA "E un E" ( retains the ability to reject the request.
  • The goods that were purchased and have suddenly become useless, can not be returned, they may be exchanged only for other goods. Exchange can only be made in the event when the goods macth against all the criteria mentioned in the "RETURN" rules.
  • Goods on special request can not be exchanged or returned!